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Exploring More of Dublin

Just for fun.

I ran out of anything in particular to look for, but I was really liking Dublin, so I just decided to wander around and appreciate wherever I found myself.

Dublin Botanical Gardens


I found myself wandering in the botanical gardens, and the plant life I found within was really interesting to me. It was a pretty new thing to explore nature in an urban setting.

Dublin Pier


I took some pictures of the horizon from the sea side. I really wanted to swim out across the water...

Around Town

The rest of my adventures just happened to be some pictures I took around town of nothing in particular. I found myself wandering through alleys and across beaches.

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Searching Through Dublin

More Penny Dreadful Filming Locations

Much of Penny Dreadful is filmed in crowded urban areas, creating the illusion of Victorian London, where the show takes place. Featured below is King's Inn, which is used as a filming location for a group of aristocrats that gather there.
Many scenes were filmed right out on the streets. I explored the area that it was filmed in and tried to find some interesting things, however, without the use of movie magic, it's hard to replicate the atmosphere. One thing that I did find neat was some of the architecture, seen below.

Dublin Castle

To finish off with the film locations, I explored Dublin Castle. It was neat to see the open courtyard and the architecture surrounding it. This area was used as the home of one of the main characters, a wealthy explorer.


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Exploring Nature

Fields of Connary Upper in Ireland

I decided to look for the filming locations of my favourite show, Penny Dreadful. These filming locations are all stationed in Ireland. To start off with, I decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city after exploring London, and decided to explore the fields of Connary Upper in Ireland.


There's many different horizons, farm lands, and paths to look at and explore. Missing the city, I decided to make my way into Dublin.

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London Adventures

Looking for statues

I started my adventures looking for statues in London. I read a book as a kid titled Stoneheart, in which there are statues around London that come to life. When I was in London last summer, I wanted to find some of them, but couldn't find the time. Luckily, I have another chance here, and I managed to find most of them.

The Gunner


The first statue I found was that of The Gunner (as he is referred to in the novel). Pictured is the war memorial monument, with The Gunner featured in the centre. The Gunner is the first statue to appear in the book as an ally to the protagonist.

The Fusilier


The Fusilier is another ally of the protagonist. It is a part of the Royal Fusilier War Memorial, standing just outside Holborn Bar on a traffic island in the middle of HIgh Holborn. It was created to represent all of the fusilier casualties in World War I.

The Black Friar


The Black Friar is a statue that stands on the walls of Blackfriar's Pub. He helps the protagonist and gives him a place to stay after he spends an entire day fleeing from evil statues known as "taints".

Dictionary Johnson


Samuel Johnson wrote the first comprehensive dictionary, and after receiving so much praise for his work, a statue of him was put up post-mortem. In the novel, he helps the protagonist by solving riddles presented by the Sphinxes. He is affectionately referred to as Dictionary Johnson.



The Sphinxes are a part of an obelisk statue erected beside the London River. They both help and hinder the protagonist by offering him information that he needs in exchange for, in a natural sphinx fashion, solving riddles.

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